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Meet The Maker

We all love a gin or two. Maybe with a tonic, lemonade or even with ginger beer.

But how is it all made?

Who are the people who make our favourite beverage?

Find out at the Big Big Gin Festival where you can visit Gin Distilleries from all over Scotland and enjoy free gin tasting and learn all about our favourite drink as each brand presents their very own Gin masterclass !

The Makers

South Loch Gin

What’s in a name? For us, it’s everything. It has to capture our inspiration, our love for Scotland and a piece of local history. Only a stones throw away from 56 North you find The Meadows, one of Edinburgh’s most beautiful parks, with avenues of pink blossom trees in the spring, and cricket matches in the summer. Researching the local area we discovered the rich history of The Meadows, once called South Loch and until 1621, provider of much of Edinburgh’s drinking water and water for the local breweries and distilleries. We now had our inspiration, and South Loch Gin was born!

Ar Baile

“Ar Baile” is the name of Spirit O Clyde Gins and is Scottish Gaelic for “Our Town”.  They use the best botanicals, which include Juniper, Bilberries, Orris Root and Pink Peppercorns as well as locally sourced water.

Their flavoured gins “Rose Gold” and “Tropical” are also infused with Raspberries, Pineapple and coconut.

“Ar Baile” is distilled in Glasgow’s Gorbals and then hand labelled and bottled by the family.

Lunun Gin

Lunun Gin was launched in October 2019 by Chef Dean Banks. It is a premium Scottish gin with an Asian twist; influenced by Dean’s travels across the globe and his expertise in fusion cooking. Lunun is created in a single-fold distillation process and includes six key botanicals: kaffir lime leaf, sea buckthorn, Sichuan pepper, kombu kelp, ginger and lemongrass.

Distilled in Dean’s hometown of Arbroath, Angus, the gin’s name is an adaptation of Angus’ most peaceful, secluded beach, ‘Lunan Bay’. Scottish Gin Awards 2021 Distilled Gin of the Year.

Orkney Distilling

In name, Kirkjuvagr Orkney Gin reflects the rich history of our islands and the boldness of those ancient seafarers.

In character though, it’s utterly contemporary and has been crafted with the modern, discerning gin enthusiast in mind.

Rule Gin

With the best quality ingredients and distilled using our family knowledge we made a gin that is modern and traditional rolled into one.

Smooth, fresh and delicate we wanted our spirit to be the one people come back to again and again.

We have loved making this gin and love the way it tastes, we hope you do too?

When it comes to our handmade spirits, expect the unfamiliar. Additions here and omission there have transformed the original you know so well into something with much more character.
All we ask is you lift up your wild spirit and listen to your inner poet. If you can’t write it down then live it, and drink it down. It’s how we’ve got to where we are today.

Boë Gin

Boë Gin is lovingly created in small batches under the watchful eye of our Master Distiller, where rare hand picked botanicals and spices are infused in the finest neutral grain spirit, liberating the full flavour of triple filtered Boë Gin, creating a high class gin, characteristically citrus with extraordinary balance and smoothness.

Brockmans is like no other gin. For gin enthusiasts it is a revelation, for gin novices it is about discovering an unexpected individual taste. It stands proudly alone from the many other types of gin due to the unique recipe of exquisite botanicals and the patient steeping distillation process.


Bottled and distilled in an artisan still in the heart of Glasgow, our Scottish craft gin features a unique blend of gin botanicals, resulting in an inimitable flavour. Glaswegin is a Scottish gin, inspired by the no-nonsense style of the city of Glasgow and its people, best served with a fuss-free tonic and a classic gin garnish.

Gin Liqueurs are in a category of their own and our award-winning range is no exception. Pilgrim’s Gin Liqueurs boast a broad spectrum of delicious and surprising flavours for you to relish. We create our liqueurs from raw ingredients so you can expect a unique taste. Infused with a range of fruit and spices and bursting with sweetness, all offer a smooth and silky finish to be enjoyed the Pilgrim’s Way over ice, topped up with prosecco or served with your preferred mixer.

Featured Gins

Meet The Maker Masterclasses

Each Maker will run a short 15 minute masterclass. They will tell you anything you need to know about gin. From the story behind their brand to the big 2022 gin trends. 

Masterclass Schedule

Saturday 23rd April 2022

12pm - 5pm

Saturday 23rd April 2022

7pm - 12am

Sunday 24th April 2022

12pm - 5pm