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Meet The Maker

We all love a gin or two. Maybe with a tonic, lemonade or even with ginger beer.

But how is it all made?

Who are the people who make our favourite beverage?

Find out at the Big Big Gin Festival where you can visit Gin Distilleries from all over Scotland and enjoy free gin tasting and learn all about our favourite drink as each brand presents their very own Gin masterclass !

The Makers

The Dundee Gin Company

The Dundee Gin Company was founded in 2017 with our first product being a full-strength marmalade gin as a nod to one of the city’s famous “Three J’s” exports – Jute, Jam and Journalism We used this connection to continue the strong link through the rest of our products using only the very best local ingredients. We are not just Dundee by name, we are Dundee in our ethos with botanicals picked fresh from our city’s own Botanic Garden to the jams and local berries we use in our flavours.

Ar Baile

“Ar Baile” is the name of Spirit O Clyde Gins and is Scottish Gaelic for “Our Town”.  They use the best botanicals, which include Juniper, Bilberries, Orris Root and Pink Peppercorns as well as locally sourced water.

Their flavoured gins “Rose Gold” and “Tropical” are also infused with Raspberries, Pineapple and coconut.

“Ar Baile” is distilled in Glasgow’s Gorbals and then hand labelled and bottled by the family.

Lunun Gin

Lunun Gin was launched in October 2019 by Chef Dean Banks. It is a premium Scottish gin with an Asian twist; influenced by Dean’s travels across the globe and his expertise in fusion cooking. Lunun is created in a single-fold distillation process and includes six key botanicals: kaffir lime leaf, sea buckthorn, Sichuan pepper, kombu kelp, ginger and lemongrass. Distilled in Dean’s hometown of Arbroath, Angus, the gin’s name is an adaptation of Angus’ most peaceful, secluded beach, ‘Lunan Bay’. Scottish Gin Awards 2021 Distilled Gin of the Year.

The Secret Garden Distillery

The Secret Garden Distillery creates hand-harvested natural gins from our very own Secret Garden. Founded in 2012, the garden was transformed into an oasis, providing an escape from city life. As the garden grew, we began to think how we could capture its essence and share it with people who were unable to visit.  

We developed a range of gins that are lovingly crafted to showcase the wonder of our garden and the unique flavours found there.

Nature is at the heart of our distillery, where everything we do revolves around the health of the earth from the way we grow our botanicals to the way our gins are packaged to create something truly rooted in nature.


Puerto de Indias is the first strawberry gin, which inspired a new category. Made with strawberries and juniper. Faithful to our Sevillian roots, we dare to be different and invite you to enjoy life.

Rutland Square Gin

Where East meets West, we blend two cultures to create a unique gin and experience. Hand plucked from the first flush leaves of the Oolong tea grown in the region of Dibrugarh, Assam which gives our gin its sweet, malty & lovely smoky aroma. Edinburgh’s finest artisans combine centuries-old tradition with their meticulous attention to detail. A blend of two cultures, Rutland Square Gin is a unique and memorable sipping gin with a rich family history.

Hills & Harbour

One of the rare gins in Scotland to be distilled with our own spirit, we take local wheat and water  combine in our 7 day fermentation process to  create maximum character and mouth feel. This process takes more time, energy, cost and   know-how, but delivering a gin that lives up to the true meaning of ‘craft’ is essential for us.

Featured Gins

Meet The Maker Masterclasses

Each Maker will run a short 15 minute masterclass. They will tell you anything you need to know about gin. From the story behind their brand to the big 2022 gin trends. 

Masterclass Schedule

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Saturday 24th September 2022

11am - 4pm

Saturday 24th September 2022

6pm - 11pm