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Meet The Maker

You’ve probably had a Gin once or twice in your life.  Maybe with a tonic, lemonade or even with ginger beer.

But how is it all made?

Who are the people who make our favourite beverage? Find out at the Big Big Gin Festival where you can visit Gin Distilleries from all over Scotland! 

Meet the maker masterclasses

Each Maker will run a short 15 minute gin masterclass. They will tell you anything you need to know about gin. From the story behind their brand, til the 2019 gin trends. 

Meet the maker gins

A huge variety of Gin distilleries will be at the festival to answer all of your questions and of course to let you try some gin samples! 

Find out what companies are present. Discover new gins or try out old favourites!

Big Big Gin Festival

The Orkney Gin company is a family run business based in Orkney, a stunning set of Islands off the north coast of Scotland.

The botanicals found growing in this wild environment have formed the bases of our Multi-award-winning gins.

Big Big Gin Festival

William Kerr’s Borders Gin is full of subtle aromas and complex flavours of juniper berries, herbs, roots, flowers and spices gathered from near and far.

The result is a classic gin of outstanding depth and taste.

Big Big Gin Festival

Kinrara Distillery Gin is a juniper led dry gin, combining both foraged and locally sourced botanicals.

The rosehip’s and rowan berries that they use in the gin have been gathered from the estate grounds throughout the year.

Big Big Gin Festival

Black Thistle is based in Brechin, in the heart of Angus, a region renowned for producing the finest fruit, vegetables and of course, botanicals.

Big Big Gin Festival

The Highland Liquor Co. has grown from the village of Ullapool. 

Creators of Seven Crofts Gin.

They give their traditional and signature botanicals the time they need to release their optimal aromas and flavours.

Big Big Gin Festival

The Old Curiosity Distillery was founded in a barn in the lowlands of their enchanting botanical nursery just outside of Edinburgh.

Big Big Gin Festival

Old poison is a Scottish speakeasy craft distillery, founded by mixologist Fabrizio Cioffi, established in the heart of Edinburgh.

Big Big Gin Festival

Multi-award-winning Gin – Made tasty by the forests & coastlines of Galloway.

Noble Fir needles & Bladderwrack Seaweed are distilled with 9 other botanicals, creating a smooth and vibrant gin.

Big Big Gin Festival

Gorse Gin is a refreshing, rewarding and uplifting gin delivers Lundin Distilling’s promise to capture flavour and beauty in every bottle.

Big Big Gin Festival

There are 12 botanicals to be found in our London Dry – many grown in our own botanical gardens – perfectly blended with natural spring water straight from our source in the hills behind the Hydro.

Big Big Gin Festival

Porter’s Gin recipes are made with high quality British spirit & cold-distilled natural botanicals.

Their modern still captures exceptionally light and fresh flavours from botanicals by reducing the heat during distillation.

For People Whose Life Is All About Gin

Welcome to the gin marketplace

Big Big Gin Festival
Big Big Gin Festival

Our gin marketplace is the best place for people who find that drinking gin just isn’t enough.

At our market place you’ll find amazing products to gin up your life.

Big Big Gin Festival

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Big Big Gin Festival
Big Big Gin Festival