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Meet The Maker

You’ve probably had a Gin once or twice in your life.  Maybe with a tonic, lemonade or even with ginger beer.

But how is it all made?

Who are the people who make our favourite beverage? Find out at the Big Big Gin Festival where you can visit Gin Distilleries from all over Scotland! 

Meet the maker masterclasses

Each Maker will run a short 15 minute masterclass. They will tell you anything you need to know about gin. From the story behind their brand, til the 2019 gin trends. 

Meet the maker gins

A huge variety of Gin distilleries will be at the festival to answer all of your questions and of course to let you try some gin! 

Find out what companies are present. Discover new gins or try out old favourites!

Electric Spirit Co Gin
Big Big Gin Festival

Electric Spirit Co. was set up in 2015 by James Porteous, an award-winning graduate of Heriot Watt’s Brewing & Distilling MSc.


Edinburgh Gin
Big Big Gin Festival

Since 2010, Edinburgh Gin has been committed to the art and science of distilling, and of creating innovative, bold, award-winning gins

Pentland Hills Gin
Big Big Gin Festival

This gin lab belongs to a chocolate lab. Hello, I’m Panza, the dog on the Pentland Hills Gin bottle. And boy, do I have a gin for you!

Pickerings gin
Big Big Gin Festival

We make Pickering’s Gin in the distillery we built ourselves, from scratch, in the heart of Edinburgh…


Big Big Gin Festival

With depth in every detail, Caorunn {pronounced
‘ka-roon’}, is small batch distilled in the Scottish Highlands.

For People Whose Life Is All About Gin

Welcome to the gin marketplace

Big Big Gin Festival
Big Big Gin Festival

Our gin marketplace is the best place for people who find that drinking gin just isn’t enough.

At our market place you’ll find amazing products to gin up your life.

Big Big Gin Festival

Visit the Marketplace and find some treats from:


Big Big Gin Festival
Big Big Gin Festival