Meet the maker gins

A huge variety of Gin distilleries will be at the festival to answer all of your questions and of course to let you try some gin! 

Find out what companies are present. Discover new gins or try out old favourites!

King's Hill Gin
Big Big Gin Festival

Based at the foot of the Pentland Hills, Edinburgh. 

King’s Hill Gin creators take inspiration from a brave gamble, played out by King Robert the Bruce.

The award-winning Gin is created from a meticulous blend of twelve curated botanicals, combined in perfect harmony and distilled in a traditional Copper Alembic Still, named ‘Marion’. The botanicals are painstakingly foraged by hand and vapour infused in a copper basket. A gin truly fit for a King.

Big Big Gin Festival

With depth in every detail, Caorunn {pronounced ‘ka-roon’}, is small batch distilled in the Scottish Highlands. 


Gin Master Simon Buley personally handcrafted every drop in the world’s only working Copper Berry Chamber, infusing 5 local, handpicked botanicals. Dry and crisp, aromatic with floral, fruity notes. The taste is clean, sweet and full-bodied, with a fresh and long-lasting finish – served over ice with slices of crisp red apple.

Pentland Hills Gin
Big Big Gin Festival

This gin lab belongs to a chocolate lab. Hello, I’m Panza, the dog on the Pentland Hills Gin bottle.

And boy, do I have a gin for you!

I took my boss up Craigengar to clear his mind. “Wake up and sniff the juniper berries, Phil!” My nose has 300 million olfactory receptors. Yours has a puny six million. Just follow my lead.”

“Good boy!” I said, when the poor chap finally stumbled on a winning mix of home-grown ingredients and botanicals.

I am a Chocolate Labrador, after all.

The House Of Botanicals Gin
Big Big Gin Festival

Originally founded in 2009 The House of Botanicals is home to an array of botanical based beverages including the House of Botanicals Gins and Dr. Adam’s Cocktail Bitters portfolio.

Operating with a zero-waste ethos and ethically sourcing our raw materials, our sole desire is to create a range of quality, hand-crafted products for the growing demands of the beverage industry, with the spotlight shone on botanicals and the influence they have in the world of mixed drinks.

Lind & Lime Gin
Big Big Gin Festival

Lind & Lime Gin is the very first spirit produced by The Port of Leith Distillery Co at our Tower Street Stillhouse. 

We’ve thrown our full and unbridled energy into creating a gin forged entirely from the talent, heritage and industry of Edinburgh and its historic distilling district of Leith. 

Distilled with 7 botanicals, the flavour is defined by a careful balance of juniper, lime and pink peppercorns.

Electric Spirit Co Gin
Big Big Gin Festival

Electric Spirit Co. was set up in 2015 by James Porteous, an award-winning graduate of Heriot Watt’s Brewing & Distilling MSc.

James distils Electric’s signature gin, Achroous, in Leith, combining 7 botanicals – including Sichuan peppercorn and fennel seed – to make a rich, fragrant spirit. Achroous features in Ian Buxton’s 101 Gins to Try Before You Die, describing Electric as:

 “At the cutting edge of the vibrant Scottish craft distilling scene”.

Edinburgh Gin
Big Big Gin Festival

Since 2010, Edinburgh Gin has been committed to the art and science of distilling, and of creating innovative, bold, award-winning gins. Based in Scotland’s capital city, a leader in gin innovation and flavour.

Edinburgh Gin produce a dynamic range of gins and gin liqueurs for every occasion, and are dedicated to guiding peoples’ discovery of the modern-day gin experience.

Brockmans Gin
Big Big Gin Festival

Brockmans was created
with a single goal:
To be a gin Like No Other.

Brockmans is an independent English gin company set up by the founding partners, Neil Everitt and Bob Fowkes together with 2 other friends.

With over 60 years combined experience in the drinks industry and a wealth of knowledge in gin distillation, they set out to write a new chapter in this famous English spirit’s history.

Pickerings gin
Big Big Gin Festival

Believe it or not, this multi-award winning gin only came into being in 2013. 

Before that, we (Matt and Marcus) had been friends and business partners for years, with backgrounds in engineering, furniture restoration and property renovation. 

As fate would have it, Marcus had recently inherited a gin recipe from a friend of his late father. Add to that our mutual penchant for a good gin, and the next step seemed obvious. 

Never mind that everyone told us it couldn’t be done. We got on and did it. 


Big Big Gin Festival

Puerto de Indias is a Premium Gin manufactured in Carmona (Seville) in one of the oldest and most traditional distilleries in the province of Andalusia. Its name relates to the discovery of the Americas around the time when Seville was quickly becoming one of the principal trading ports for the exchange of goods between Spain and the New World.

The distillery, which produced the first Andalusian ‘Pacharán’, also produces a wide range of other products, highlights among which include “Los Hermanos” anisette and the “Triunfo” range of liquors.